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Products Designed for a Smarter Future.

From iCruze, the first in-car iPod connectivity solution to Cree’s Connected Bulb, the first HomeKit-compatible smart bulb, Coupage unites innovative concepts with technology firsts for start-ups and big brands alike.


Personalized in-house software and hardware engineering expertise from your concept to prototype to best-in-class product.


Long-standing relationships with manufacturers worldwide providing high-volume manufacturing and packaging-design services.

App Development

Producing maintainable, extendable code meeting today’s needs as well as setting the foundation for future development.


Consulting in any or all aspects of product design from feasibility, realization, manufacturability and retail packaging.

Connecting Your Vision to the World

Product design continues to evolve so rapidly that we can envision a bright future as long as we come together to build meaningful, impactful, sustainable solutions to today’s design challenges.

Experts in Hardware and Software Design

The expectations and demands of today’s consumer products are driving the need for more sophisticated hardware and software design. Coupage commits to building products that provide:

    • high performance
    • sustainability
    • affordability
    • satisfying user experience

Recent Projects

dBPod: Studio Six’s smart sound level meter

ES8: Nio’s all-electric sport utility vehicle

Powersol: ZON-Technology's solar-powered umbrella charging station

Partners Include


Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Johnson started his career at a young age creating the wildly popular, and industry-first Dragon’s Lair video game while still completing his graduate degree in engineering in southern California. He worked for many years in Silicon Valley’s semiconductor industry before starting Coupage after predicting a demand for products to support the new iPod introduced by Apple in 2001. Johnson shared the vision of the late Steve Jobs of finding a way to bring the iPod, and ultimately the iPhone and iPad, into everyday life not only for entertainment purposes, but also to improve the lives of millions of users. He strives to build products that make a significant impact on our daily lives in many areas including education, music and sustainable energy. Dave holds multiple patents and has won several best-in-design awards.

Raquel Skidmore Johnson

Raquel Skidmore Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer

Raquel Skidmore Johnson has worked in marketing and creative communications since childhood when she would design and market original artworks to her neighbors and family members. After obtaining degrees in graphic design, advertising, and fine art, she worked in-house for brands such as the NFL, Adobe Systems, Answerthink, Regis McKenna, and Digitas. She recognized the profound opportunities partnering with her engineer spouse could present, and together she and Johnson founded Coupage Design in 2002 after developing their first product, iCruze. She provides UI and marketing / branding expertise to Coupage clients and products. The collaboration of right brain and left brain continues to bring highly impactful products to market.

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